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The Insiders

2.9Overall Score

TVF The Insiders

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Omkar Kulkarni, Himika Bose, Arnav Bhasin, Ritviq, Brij Bhushan Shukla, Ajit Kelkar, Sanjay Gurbaxani, Priyanka Pal, Mukul Chadda
Director: Pranav Bhasin
Language: Tamil
Release Date: 12 April 2019
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While their parents meet weekly, Shiva, Rabbi and Aneesh are motivated to stay together until the evening ends.

Born in a Mumbai upper-middle-class family, the three children travel on strange visions, passing the time when their parents hang-out.

This strangely coming-of-age comedy series talks about metropolitan teenagers and their relationships.

The Insiders web series scene



The storyline running in each episode is quite impressive. The first two episodes don’t make you understand the story; a new melding of comedy type is a bit drawn.

Many punchlines of the series will not attract your attention. However, some references are witty and funny.


Omkar Kulkarni nailed with his performance, and he is the life of the series. Himika Bose and Arnav Bhasin give an excellent performance.

Brij Bhushan Shulka with his fretful dialogues paves the way for this entertainer. He played Bhalla Chacha’s character, and it is the most beloved character.


TVF is known for creating youth-oriented content, and Pranav Bhasin has made this series the same.

Should you watch it or not?

The Insiders web series is a piece of work that is equally entertaining and enlightening, portrayed in the most pied fashion, and that’s why you have to watch this series.

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