YMusic APK is an application to watch videos and listen to music on YouTube. It is convenient, easy to use, and works very smoothly. If you regularly watch YouTube, you should download it to try it out.

YMusic helps to listen to music on YouTube without turning on the YouTube screen

You know, listening to music on YouTube is great as there is so much content to enjoy. But every time I turn on the music on YouTube, I can’t do anything else. Quite inconvenient. Now YMusic will help you get rid of this discomfort. This is a free audio streaming app that is affiliated with YouTube and exclusively for the mobile platform. Although being simple and small in size, YMusic is capable of providing almost all the features that support listening to music, watching videos, and downloading any content on YouTube to your device.

Just download YMusic to your device and listen to any content without turning on the Youtube screen all the time. So, you can do many other things at the same time. In fact, if you use apps like YouTube Red or Google’s paid service, you can still do this. But… It costs a lot of money.

This turns out to be very convenient. In addition to doing many things at the same time on your device, you can also help save bandwidth during music playback. You are also not disturbed by ads. It is completely free. Use it with your utmost confidence.

User-friendly interface

YMusic has almost all the video formats that YouTube has, including MP3. The interface is also quite friendly, familiar, and easy to use. You just need to search and enjoy the right clip you want to watch/listen to. The control operation when entering the main screen of the video clip is also simple, the Play/ Pause button is in a convenient position. Any user can get used to it quickly.

The interface in YMusic also allows color options according to mood and preferences with more than 81 different color themes. This is also something that you will not be able to do when you open YouTube directly.

Download videos from YouTube conveniently

With YMusic, we can also download all YouTube content with many formats MP3, WebM, MP4, Opus… And when downloading, it is allowed to customize the resolution of the received video, with the audio file of 320kbps and video file of 1080P.

Home page interface with 4 features is too convenient

The most impressive to me is probably the interface of the YMusic homepage. There are 4 categories on it with different features:

  • The “Music” section: based on the initial input, YMusic will access the music contents from the user’s country, and they are all just music without any other junk clips. So, rest assured that finding music in this category is easy.
  • The “Recommendation” section: YMusic has a built-in self-reading feature to automatically collect data from previous searches or videos you have watched, thereby making recommendations on similar stylish content and genre. If you want to find something to your taste, here is the most complete store.
  • Your Top list: YMusic has this section to collect all the music you’ve ever heard on the app. You can listen again in Shuffle or chronological order.
  • Smart search: similar and easy as on YouTube application, you can find whatever content you are looking for by keyword on this Search corner. At the same time, the history of search keywords will also be saved by default for future searches.

Play YouTube videos in 3 optional modes

But the most special thing in YMusic is the video play mode in the following 3 convenient modes:

  • Listen mode: you can quickly listen to music and command the application to not play the image. This mode is suitable for listening to music while doing other things and also helps save bandwidth because there is no need to carry unnecessary images. This trick is extremely useful if you are in a weak Wifi area or are using 3G, 4G from your phone.
  • Background Listening mode: you can listen to music even when the screen is off, locked without affecting the music enjoyment process. At the end of the clip, the application will automatically switch to another normal one. If you want to listen to music when the battery is about to run out, you can use this feature, which saves battery life.
  • View Mode: you can turn on the video to watch as usual and do not need to switch to YouTube. In this mode, you can customize the video quality to your liking to match the quality of the transmission.

    Download YMusic MOD & APK for Android

    In addition to the main ability to play music, movies, and download content from YouTube, YMusic also has a lot of extra features such as timer off, music playback, volume adjustment, synchronization of music across different devices when using the application. In general, YMusic is super convenient!