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 YouTube ReVanced v18.20.34  MOD APK (Premium, No ADS) YouTube ReVanced is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms in the world. However, many users find Youtube the experience less than ideal due to ads, limited playback features, and other limitations. Luckily, there is a solution – YouTube Vanced. In this article, we’ll introduce you to YouTube Vanced and explain why it’s the best way to unlock a better YouTube experience.

What is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a modded version of the official YouTube app that allows you to enjoy an ad-free experience, background playback, and other advanced features. It’s essentially an enhanced version of YouTube that offers users more control and customization options.

Benefits of YouTube Vanced

1. Ad-free Experience

One of the most significant benefits of YouTube Vanced is that it’s ad-free. You won’t see any ads before, during, or after videos, which makes for a much more enjoyable viewing experience.

2. Background Playback

Another great feature of YouTube Vanced is the ability to play videos in the background. This means you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, or lectures while using other apps or when your screen is off.

3. Picture-in-Picture Mode

YouTube Vanced also supports Picture-in-Picture mode, allowing you to watch videos while doing other things on your device. This is especially useful for multitasking or for watching videos while on a video call.

4. Customization Options

YouTube Vanced offers a range of customization options, including different themes, video resolutions, and more. You can also choose to automatically play videos in the highest quality available, which can result in a better viewing experience.

How to Install YouTube Vanced

Installing YouTube Vanced is easy and straightforward. Follow these simple steps to get started:

1. Download the YouTube Vanced APK file from a trusted source.

2. Install the APK file on your device. You may need to enable installation from unknown sources in your device’s settings.

3. Open the YouTube Vanced app and sign in with your Google account.

4. Customize your settings and start enjoying a better YouTube experience!

YouTube Vanced is an excellent way to enhance your YouTube experience. With its ad-free experience, background playback, and other advanced features, you’ll be able to enjoy YouTube like never before. Try YouTube Vanced today and unlock a better YouTube experience!

YouTube ReVanced, sometimes known as YouTube Vanced, is a modified version of the popular video-sharing tool YouTube. This software offers a lot of features and upgrades over the conventional YouTube app, making it a popular alternative for users who want more control over their YouTube experience.

One of the key benefits of YouTube ReVanced is the ability to play videos in the background. This implies that users can listen to music or podcasts on YouTube while using other apps or even when their phone is locked. This function is not available in the conventional YouTube app, and many users feel it to be a vital addition to their YouTube experience.

Another popular feature of YouTube ReVanced is the option to block adverts. This is a huge benefit for people who are tired of seeing adverts before and during videos on YouTube. With YouTube ReVanced, users may enjoy uninterrupted videos without any adverts.

YouTube ReVanced also includes a range of customization options, including the ability to modify the app’s style and colors, tweak the playback speed of videos, and even download videos for offline viewing. These features allow users to personalise their YouTube experience to their own preferences and needs.

One of the main advantages of YouTube ReVanced is that it is entirely free to use. Users do not have to pay any fees or subscriptions to access the app, and there are no hidden expenses or in-app sales. This makes it an intriguing choice for those who want to enhance their YouTube experience without investing any money.

It is worth noting that YouTube ReVanced is not an official app, and it is not available on the Google Play Store. Instead, users must obtain the software from third-party sources or use a trusted APK file. However, many users have claimed that the programme is safe and dependable to use. Also try YouTube Music MOD APK (Premium/Background Play)

In conclusion, YouTube ReVanced is a popular customised version of the normal YouTube app that offers a range of handy features and customization possibilities. With the option to play videos in the background, remove adverts, and adjust the app’s design and functionality, YouTube ReVanced is a wonderful solution for consumers who want greater control over their YouTube experience.

App Name YouTube ReVanced
 Publisher revanced
 Genre Entertainment
 Size 137M
 Latest Version


 MOD Info Premium, No ADS
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Note: Must install microG (if not than it will crash)

 Youtube Vanced v18.20.34APK + MOD (Premium/No ADS)

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