Zombie War – The Last Survivor v1.20.0 MOD APK (God Mod, Money, Ammo) Download

Zombie War – The Last Survivor, expands the war on zombies and prolongs it in the context of all the people becoming zombies. Faced with the danger of the world’s destruction, players need to take action to fight this sweep. High-damage weapons like guns or grenades are added to make it easier for you to remove obstacles in your way. The long quest becomes your confrontation with thousands of zombies on various levels.

Zombie War – The Last Survivor


The system had to undergo large-scale improvements to have a successful version like the current Zombie War – The Last Survivor. The images appearing in the game are built using 3D modeling techniques. In the first-person perspective, players will observe all that happens and aim professionally. Mixed sounds are added to develop the story most realistically. The sound of gunfire, bombs, and grenades will be the highlight to make the story interesting.


The experience environment in Zombie War – The Last Survivor is exceptionally diverse. Players will approach about 10 different maps depicting the experience space from above. Players can locate themselves or search for teammates by observing the dots on the map. In addition, the support of the weapon collection also helps players gain certain victories when having encounters with zombies and their accomplices. The number of 10 weapons that can be selected or improved and upgraded will probably make you satisfied.

Zombie War – The Last Survivor


The chaotic world has hundreds of opponents who are always looking to defeat you, but also, they are divided into many types by Zombie War – The Last Survivor. Undead zombie targets will make it difficult for you to encounter them while moving. They will attack in teams or wait for the command of the most influential zombie. Their reaction when a hit is to step back; that will be your opportunity to hide. The more difficult challenge created by the system is the zombie bosses; they have synergy and take a long time to destroy.


Zombie War – The Last Survivor and the leaderboard will be your next goal. The player becomes the hero and tries to protect the survivors in the battle of the disease that attacks humans. Various situations arise that require you to handle everything well and do it well based on your skills. In addition to unique weapons, you can also receive more rewards if you defeat the boss who is leading the zombies.

Zombie War – The Last Survivor


  • Score points by transforming into a hero and performing different missions in the human war against the terrifying zombies.
  • Discover the special points in the process of building the system to create vivid images and sounds applied in the game.
  • Adding many new special skills to fight off the onslaught of zombies, you will need maps and weapons provided by the system.
  • Many different types of zombies will make your journey more enjoyable; facing zombies with their own characteristics, you need a plan.
  • The zombie boss who leads this army to destroy the world will appear when the player defeats all the zombies on the street.
App Name Zombie War – The Last Survivor
 Publisher wangming
 Genre Action
 Size 500M
 Latest Version 1.20.0
 MOD Info God Mod, Money, Ammo
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