BioSolveIT infiniSee Direct Download Link [5.1.0] x64

BioSolveIT infiniSee Direct Download Link [5.1.0] x64

infiniSee is a software for navigating and checking very large chemical and molecular spaces and finding required molecular compounds, published by the software company BioSolveIT GmbH. This software can find the desired molecules in screening libraries and large and unlimited chemical spaces based on the similarities of the current molecular model. The process of working with this software is very simple. By providing a set of templates and structural queries, infiniSee software will return you a set of similar or relatively similar molecules and chemical structures.

BioSolvetIT infiniSee Features:

  • Checking and searching among very large and bulky chemical spaces at a very high speed
  • Show chemical and molecular similarities based on color codes
  • Very simple and user-friendly interface
  • Support for drag and drop to get queries
  • Discover new and invisible possibilities in traditional methods
  • Finding new and unprecedented molecular structures in very large structures of approximately 10 to the power of 14
  • Fast search among molecular and chemical databases and libraries
  • Display of similar chemical compounds in various color formats
  • Finding seemingly different chemical compounds with similar functions and properties
  • Very high processing speed and announcing the final result in less than a day without the need for supercomputers and powerful systems
  • The possibility of searching in specialized and commercial databases such as GalaXi and REAL Space and finding authorized and available compounds in different global markets
  • Browse and search among relatively unlimited and massive libraries
  • No need for specialized hardware and supercomputers

System Requirements

Software Requirement

Verified Linux Distributions for Software Compatibility

The switch to Qt6 requires a Linux distribution which has at least glibc version 2.28.

You can find a comprehensive overview of all Linux distributions with installed glibc version on this page.

  • CentOS 8 and later
  • Debian 10 and later
  • openSUSE 15.3 and later
  • Rocky Linux 8 and later
  • Ubuntu 20.04 and later

Plase take note that older versions (e.g., CentOS 7 and older, Debian 9 and older, openSUSE 15.2 and older, Ubuntu 18.04 and older) may lead to software incompatibility.


All BioSolveIT applications are compatible with Windows 10 and above.


No incompatibilities were observed with macOS 10.14 (Mojave) and higher.

Hardware Requirements

  1. RAM: 16 GB would be good, anything beyond is better.
  2. CPU: Our tools are not very hungry — yet they profit from multiple CPUs, because they have parallelized algorithms implemented. If in doubt rather choose more slower CPUs than one faster one.
  3. Graphics: It is important to know that a local graphics card is mandatory for infiniSee and SeeSAR.

Update to the latest driver, and check — even if Windows tells you that you are up-to-date. Lenovo and other computers with onboard graphics, please navigate to this link to check if there is a newer driver available for you.


infiniSee Screenshot 1infiniSee Screenshot 2

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