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ChemMaths is a helpful program that chemical engineers can use in particular to perform a variety of engineering calculations. Numerous computation routines, unit converters, and chart-generation tools are included in the program. Chemical engineers are the program’s core audience, but mathematics, physics, and other fields also make extensive use of its computational functions and features. Chemical engineers can utilize the program’s database, which has over 3,000 distinct combinations, for a variety of calculations.

Additionally, 300 distinct unit kinds can be converted into one another. Users can quickly create a variety of information charts with various themes with this software. You can perform nearly all of your calculations with the help of this engineering calculator. Users won’t have to manually compute 300 equations in the domains of physics, electricity, mechanics, etc. thanks to this program’s ability to solve them. Data Base of Information Chemical engineers, chemists, and others who work with chemical compounds frequently use this tool because it has a rich database that allows you to predict and assess the behavior of chemical compounds in a variety of ways.

Additionally, you may compute surface tension, chemical thermodynamics, viscosity, key constants, and specifications. You can group several unit types, including area, density, force, length, mass, power, pressure, velocity, volume, and so on, in the unit conversion section. Engineers in every discipline can use this tool to swiftly solve equations pertaining to their respective fields because the equations that can be solved are divided into various categories.

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Platform: Windows 10/7/8 / 8.1  



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