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Netflix German Sci-fi and thriller series Dark renewed for season 2. Dark Season 2 release on 21 June 2019. It’s one of the most popular and high rated series of Netflix. Also, Dark is the first German series which premiered on Netflix.

Official trailer of the Netflix Dark season 2 here to watch.


Release date 21 June 2019
Rating soon..
Total no. of episode, 10
No. Of Season 1
Genres Science fiction
Total play time 45–57 minutes
Official steaming site Netflix
Cast Shown below
Created by Baran bo Odar
Jantje Friese


Dark is the first German Sci-Fi and thriller series on Netflix. People compare this series with Netflix another high rated and most popular series Stranger Things. And it’s true, both series have a unique story and concept.

Dark season 2 trailer begins with “Welcome to the Future”. Why welcome to the future? Because in the first season last episode, Jonas (Louis Hofmann) go into the future and in the future, someone said, “Welcome to the future.”

jonas friend

Dark season 1 finale episode left many questions in our mind with a shocking ending. So, the second season will open with finale episode answer.

In season 2 we will hope to get the answer of why exactly Michel killed himself in the first season’s first episode. Also, so many questions in mind like What will happen with Ulrich in 1956?

So, I’m can’t wait for the second season. The official trailer released by Netflix and trailer increase your excitement for the series.

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traiology of dark series

Release Date

Dark season 2 release date is 21 June 2019. At one month ago, Netflix announced Dark season 2 will be coming soon. And after the announcement, Netflix released the official trailer of the season 2.


There is no information available for Dark season 2 episodes. In the first season total 10 episodes. Stay with us to get all the episodes information in the second season.

scene frome season 1

How to download and watch online Dark season 2?

If you try to Dark season 2 watch online and download all the episodes of it then follow writes steps in 6 ways to download and watch online web series and movies. Here top 10 websites available in which you can watch online and download all the episodes of season 1 and season 2.

Also, with the help of Cookies methods and VPN method, you can get easily Netflix Premium account.


  • Louis Hofmann
    Cast of Dark season 2 -Louis Hofmann

    Louis Hofmann played the leading role of Jonas Kahnwald in the year 2019. He struggles in his life because of his father’s suicide.

  • Maja Schöne
    cast of dark season 2- Maja Schöne

    Maja Schöne played the role of Jonas mother Hannah Kahnwald in the year 2019.

  • Lisa Vicari
    cast of dark season 2- Lisa Vicari

    Lisa Vicari played the role of Jonas Kahnwald love interest Martha Nielsen.

  • Moritz Jahn
    cast of dark season 2- Moritz Jahn

    Moritz Jahn played the role of Mikkel and Martha’s Brother Magnus Nielsen.

  • Daan Lennard Liebrenz
    cast of Dark season 2- Daan Lennard Liebrenz

    Daan Lennard Liebrenz played the role of Mikkel Nielsen. Also, appere in 1986 storyline.

  • Oliver Masucci
    Cast of dark season 2- Oliver Masucci

    Oliver Masucci played the role of Magnus, Martha and Mikkel’s father and a police officer Ulrich Nielsen.

  • Jördis Triebel
    cast of Dark season 2- Jördis Triebel

    Jördis Triebel played the role of Ulrich wife Katharina Nielsen.

  • Walter Kreye
    cast of Dark season 2- Walter Kreye

    Walter Kreye played the role of Ulrich and Mads Father Tronte Nielsen.

  • Tatja Seibt
    cast of Dark season 2- Tatja Seibt

    Tatja Seibt played the role of Tronte’s wife Jana Nielsen.

  • Gina Stiebitz
    cast of Dark season 2- Gina Stiebitz

    Gina Stiebitz played the role of Jonas, Magnus, and Martha’s school mate Franziska Doppler.

  • Stephan Kampwirth
    cast of Dark season 2- Stephan Kampwirth

    Stephan Kampwirth played the role of Peter Doppler, Father of Franziska and Elisabeth, Husband of Charlotte and psychologist of Jonas.

  • Karoline Eichhorn
    cast of Dark season 2- Karoline Eichhorn

    Karoline Eichhorn played the role of Charlotte Doppler, Chief Police Officer in 2019 story.

  • Hermann Beyer
    cast of Dark season 2- Hermann Beyer

    Hermann Beyer played the role of Helge Doppler, Peter’s father and former guard of Power plant.

  • Paul Lux
    cast of Dark season 2- Paul Lux

    Paul Lux played the role of Bartosz Tiedemann, Jonas friend, and Boyfriend of Martha.

  • Deborah Kaufmann
    cast of Dark season 2- Deborah Kaufmann

    Deborah Kaufmann played the role of Regina Tiedemann, Mother of Bartosz.

  • Peter Benedict
    cast of Dark season 2- Peter Benedict

    Peter Benedict played the role of Aleksander Tiedemann, Husband of Regina and Director of Power Plant in 2019.

  • Mark Waschke
    cast of Dark season 2- Mark Waschke

    Mark Waschke played the role of Noah.

Here all the family of Dark season 2 shown in poster.

family tree of Dark series family


Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese are creator of this thriller web series.

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