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Altium Designer 23.4.1 Build 23 + Portable / 19.1.9 build 167 x64 is a specialized and potent piece of software for creating analogue and digital circuits of any kind. Designing electronic components is not just a specialised field of work; with the right environment and tools, you can combine it with astonishing inventions.Altium Designer enables you to demonstrate the actual meaning of “design” in your line of work as an electronic circuit designer. Today, computer software has invaded every profession and speciality.The software stated enables you to concentrate all of your attention on “design” rather than the manufacturing and development process by offering a sophisticated and specialised environment.With the use of this programme, you may construct circuits that incorporate both engineering and your artistic works to create electronic circuits.

It is common practise to put electronic components like resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc. on printed circuit boards, also known as PCBs. Altium Designer is a well-known software in the field of designing PCBs.Almost all electronic devices use PCB boards; in fact, if you open up a basic radio, you can see a small, straightforward example of one along with all the other electrical components.Without having to focus on the creation process or work development, Altium Designer enables you to have access to all electrical tools and components in the form of organised and organised libraries in the setting of a professional programme. Put yourself in a cutting-edge software environment and you should be able to simply replicate or analyse the outcome.

Key features of Altium Designer software:

– Having an advanced management system for electronic parts and components in an organized and orderly manner

– The possibility of placing electronic components such as chips, resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc.

– Having the capability of routing and simulating with high accuracy

– Possibility of automatic routing

– Ability to work on circuits in 3D view format

– Ability to analyze signals

Recommended system requirements:

Minimum System Requirements
Windows 10/11 (64-bit only)
Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit only) and Windows 8 (64-bit only) are still supported but not recommended .
Intel® Core™ i7 processor or equivalent
10 GB free hard disk space (installation and user files)
High-performance graphics card (DirectX 10 or higher), such as GeForce GTX 1060/Radeon RX 470
Dual monitors with a screen resolution of 2560×1440 (or higher)
3D mouse for 3D PCB design, such as Space Navigator

  • Format: ISO/EXE
  • Volume: 3.2/2.15/2.4/2.81 GB
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