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Evernote Can be one of the most widely used softwarebecome yours that you can use as a program to note down memories or various points. This software provides an environment for you to easily enter, organize and search PlayAll types of notes, abstracts such as excerpts from web pages, documents, etc email, password, phone messages, etc. The unique feature of Evernote, which makes it stand out from other software in this group, is the possibility of entering text or writing an explanation for a Picture Specific and then search for photos based on written text. You will be able to save the written text in different formats and have an endless collection of virtual papers for yourself. For example, you can use this software to take photos of products in stores and save their information next to them, or you can have photos of participants in a conference with their name tags.

Key features software Evernote:
– Writing text and linking it to a specific resource such as a table, long text, Picture And …
– Support for different formats such as text, web pages, emailhandwritten notes, images, part of a document, and digital special reports
– Different methods to search between notes
– Ability to group notes
– Drag & drop support
– Recognition of handwritten writings

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