Download LibreOffice for Mac v7.6.3 MacOS

Download LibreOffice for Mac

LibreOffice A collection with programs similar to software Microsoft Office provides you with many tools and features to get your work done. Compared to the office suite, this software has a much smaller volume and is also completely free, which makes its use faster and easier. This collection includes six software, including Writer, which is used for writing and editing texts, Calc, a spreadsheet software, Impress, for creating attractive and spectacular presentations, Draw, for drawing diagrams, flowcharts, and vectors. GraphicsBase is for creating a database and Math is for writing and editing mathematical and scientific formulas, each of which has a full menu of tools that can meet the needs of the user in the office suite.

Key features software LibreOffice:
– It has six powerful software to perform all user tasks
– Ability to draw tables and vectors GraphicsY
– Includes ready-made effects and samples
– Small volume compared to the office suite
– Powerful graphics, with attractive transition effects

But what is the difference between LibreOffice for Mac and other similar software?
LibreOffice is free and open source and is available to everyone and is currently being used and tested by thousands of groups. Also, LibreOffice has been translated into most of the world’s living languages.

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