Download Karaosoft Karma v2024.0.1 – Karaoke broadcast management software

Download Karaosoft Karma v2024.0.1 – Karaoke broadcast management software
Download Karaosoft Karma v2024.0.1 - software for managing the playback of karaoke shows on the computer

Download Karma software

Karaosoft Karma softwareis for managing karaoke shows by providing a set of unique functions and features such as the possibility of searching without clicking, automatic sorting of the playlist, quick selection of the name of the singer or song with drag-n-drop, etc. It helps you manage karaoke with ease. Karma is the result of years of research into every known method of performing karaoke on a PC to produce a product that is powerful, simple, and time-saving at the same time.

Key features software Karma:
– Triple display mode support with 3 separate video outputs for KJ, singer and crowd
– send private messages to the reader’s page (such as “mute microphone”), or onPicture with crowd display
– Simple song search by typing
– Easy and quick selection of songs and singers with drag-n-drop.
– Superior audio/video quality
– Auto-Play/Auto-Pitch
– Automatic sorting of the playlist every time you add or change a song
– Easy and fast switching between available versions
– And …

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Installation guide Karma software

1- Install the software.
2- Run the LicGen.exe file in the Crack folder and after selecting the name of the software (Karma) from the Product drop-down menu, first click on the Patch Hosts button and then on the Generate License file button.
3- Run the software and use all its features without restrictions.

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