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Download Pixologic Zbrush | 3D animation software

Pixologic Zbrush(x64) 2023.2 is the name of an advanced and powerful software in the field of creating animations and visual effects, which provides many possibilities to designers, film editors, etc. This software allows you to design your desired models and give them a realistic effect. This program uses a unique technology that stores all the characteristics such as light, color, material, depth information, etc. according to each object on the screen, so that the details of each object are modeled in the best possible way. The main difference between this program and other tools is that the current software is mostly used for modeling and simulating objects such as sculptures. Therefore, if you are looking for the design of an ancient statue or prominent characters in your desired animation or game project, the current software can help you a lot.

This software is used to make models with maximum resolution. The characters or objects designed by this software can be used in making movies, animations or even mobile and computer games. For example, the game studio ILM, Weta Digital, Epic Games or even EA GAMES use this program to design the characters in their games. In addition, the mentioned software is compatible with other commonly used tools in the field of 3D construction and modeling, such as Maya, Houdini, etc., and you can use the integration between them to improve your designs. Now you can download Pixologic Zbrush software for free from the Yas site with a direct link.

Features of Pixologic Zbrush software:

– The possibility of automatic and fast rendering of 2D designs to sculptural and 3D models

– Ability to add realistic textures to designs

– Suitable for character design for animations and games

– Ability to mask desired symbols on models

– Ability to change colors with high precision

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