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Windows 11, package of all versions in one place (updated in November 1402) / Windows 11 AIO 18in1

Windows 11 The latest product of Microsoft company and the new generation of the operating system Windows It is called that it was published in October 2021. Now the final version of this operating system is presented to be reviewed by those interested. Windows 11 It is based on its previous version, Windows 10, but many changes have been made in it. You can get the final and official version of this Windows Download and check out its new features.

– Appearance changes
The first change after implementation Windows You will notice it, the new and attractive look of Windows 11. From the rounded corners of the windows and the Taskbar moved to the middle of the screen, to all kinds of beautiful visual effects and pleasant sounds, they are all among the charms of Windows 11.
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– Widgets

The last time we saw functional widgets in Windows was back in Vista, but in Windows 7 It was also there but it was disabled by default. In Windows 11, widgets have been completely changed and with a completely different design, we see a variety of useful widgets on the screen. desktop we are

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– Multitasking features
Focusing on increasing the productivity and creativity of users, Windows 11 offers many new features in the field of multitasking. These features allow you to in different windows software Various are placed separately to prevent you from being disturbed and you can focus on the main window.

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– New Microsoft Store

In addition to the various parts of Windows, the Microsoft store has also undergone a fundamental change and delivery and has a completely unique design, which according to Microsoft, the store is updated every day with new items and various features.

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– Touch, pen and voice input

Windows 11 is fully prepared to receive all kinds of command inputs and many touch, pen and voice features have been added to it. The most important feature added in this section is the personalization of the touch keyboard of Windows, which now charms you with more than 13 new appearance templates.

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– Dynamic page update rate

Windows 11 has made it possible to adjust the refresh rate dynamically with the aim of maximum compatibility with all screens in the market. This feature shows its effect when you are scrolling a long list or you intend to reduce this amount with the aim of reducing laptop battery consumption. Other screen improvements in Windows 11 include AutoHDR and Adaptive brightness control and HDR Certification.

– Settings page

Like every other part, the Windows 11 Settings section has been completely revised and better than ever, it provides you with all the Windows settings in a simple format so that you can easily switch between different Windows settings. The most interesting part of this section is the System counter screen, which shows you all the events in one window.

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– New Windows installation experience

Windows 11 has a brand new installer that is Graphicsdecorated so that even the least informed people can easily launch their new operating system. This process is not limited to the installation of Windows, and immediately after running Windows, you will encounter the Get Started page, which will guide you to complete the system setup.

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– Wi-Fi 6E support

Windows 11 fully supports the latest Wi-Fi generation. This feature is so important that Microsoft has dedicated a special section to it. Wi-Fi 6E is a revolutionary development in the IT and wireless communication industry that provides you with more than 3 times more bandwidth.

– Windows 11 + Office

One of the actions that Microsoft has been trying for for years and now it has come to fruition is the integration and integration of Office and Windows so that Office software is no longer independent of Windows and is completely synchronized with the core of the operating system. This feature brings you more productivity and easier use.

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Introduction of Windows 11 AIO 18in1 package:

The collection in front of you includes all the released versions of Windows 11, presented in the form of a package. With 18 different versions of Windows 11, this package is the most complete package of Windows 11, which we will explain below.

– Versions in this package:
Available and installable versions in this package are:

– Windows 11 Home
– Windows 11 Home N
– Windows 11 Pro
– Windows 11 Pro N
– Windows 11 Home Single Language
– Windows 11 SE
– Windows 11 SE N
– Windows 11 Pro Education
– Windows 11 Pro N Education
– Windows 11 Pro for Workstations
– Windows 11 Pro N for Workstations
– Windows 11 Pro Single Language
– Windows 11 Education
– Windows 11 Education N
– Windows 11 Enterprise
– Windows 11 Enterprise N
– Windows 11 Enterprise multi-session
– Windows 11 IoT Enterprise

– You can choose the version you want during installation.
– If you do not know about the different features of Windows 10 versions, install the Windows 11 Professional version; You can also see the difference between different versions of Windows Here View it.
– Versions with the letter N written in front of them, versions without multimedia and our suggestion is not to install N versions.

Along with the latest Windows 11 updates
Windows was updated on November 1402 and includes all the updates released up to this date.

– Without the slightest manipulation:
This version of Windows is without any manipulation and nothing has been removed from Windows or added to it, but only all the updates have been added to it and also the appropriate activation tool has been placed.

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