Download Mozilla Thunderbird v115.4.3 MacOS

Download Thunderbird for Mac

Thunderbird Literally, it means “legendary chicken that creates thunder and lightning”.
software Mozilla special for management email, this program brings you speed and safety. This software is basically designed to deal with viruses and spam by installing this software from spam and e-mails. Don’t worry, intelligent spam filtering, saving search results, RSS support and privacy protection are some of the top features of this software. If you are tired of Microsoft Outlook, this software is a suitable alternative.

Key features software Mozilla Thunderbird:
– Has a simple and powerful graphical interface
– Automatic identification of other mail client programs installed in the system and the ability to import and transfer the user’s address book and e-mails to the program
– RSS and Newsgroup support. By using RSS, this program can review the updates of any site, such as news or the latest posts, without searching each site one by one. RSS language is very suitable for those who follow the new content of several websites daily and have to spend a lot of time browsing the updates of each site.
– The ability to create account tools for newsgroups
– The ability to identify and fight JunkMails to prevent spams from entering email Unsolicited advertisements
– Support for SSL and PGP protocols
– Support facilities such as digital signature and data encryption in sending and receiving letters
– The ability to disable the execution of JavaScript codes and suspicious images in the text of letters
– Full support of Unicode UTF 8 and Persian language, if necessary Windows Are you Farsi or Font,If Persian is installed in it, Thunderbird is able to display Persian letters and texts!
– It has useful and practical extensions and plugins (for example, Bidi UI is an extension that after installation, solves the problem of Persian users in typing Persian letters from right to left)
– It has various and practical tools to categorize and distinguish the desired emails using tags
– The ability to quickly switch between different user accounts in the program
– The ability to filter mails according to the date of receipt or sending, the name of the sender, the subject, etc.

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