Download Windows 10 AIO 16in1 22H2 Build 19045.3693 (Updated Nov 2023) x86/x64 – Windows 10 (all versions together) with the latest updates

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Download Windows 10 AIO 16in1 22H2 Build 19045.3693 (Updated Nov 2023) x86/x64 – Windows 10 (all versions together) with the latest updates


Windows 10 The latest version and new generation of the operating system Windows It was recently released and replaced Windows 8.1. It seems that Windows 10 with its many new features can once again bring the success of Windows XP and Windows 7 to Microsoft. Extensive and many changes have been made in Windows 10 so that this version of Windows has become a new member of the Windows family. Microsoft’s most important goal in Windows 10 is to unify all Windows-based operating systems, so that a single operating system for all devices such as desktop, laptops, built-in systems, smart mobile phones and Xbox One have been prepared that are uniformly connected to each other and can be connected to each other without the need of any other tools, and the control of all of them becomes easier and more advanced.

Windows 10 looks very similar to Windows 8.1 but has improved performance and performance, the core Windows It has been extensively overhauled and many of Windows 8’s problems have been fixed; With Windows 10, Microsoft hopes to repeat the success of Windows XP and Windows 7.

Key features of Windows 10:
– The latest generation of Windows family operating systems
– Synchronization and unification of all operating systems based on Windows 10
– Along with Microsoft’s new and powerful browser called Microsoft Edge
– Universal programs support for all Windows 10 operating systems
– Return of Start Menu with new features
– DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 support
– Automatic Windows update without user intervention
– Removing Windows Media Center will stop supporting it
– Ability to upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 without data loss

Microsoft’s new browser called Microsoft Edge has now been released in Windows 10 and finally after 20 years it was able to retire Microsoft Explorer, this new version of Microsoft’s browser has many improvements and is considered a fierce competitor to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox; Full support for HTML5 and the latest web technologies, smart face recognition and fingerprint support are serious and advanced features of this browser that are rarely seen in other browsers.

After frequent requests and suggestions from Microsoft users, the company has brought back the popular Start Menu to Windows 10; The new Start Menu with the same style and style of Windows 7 and inspired by the Windows 8.1 menu has now become a powerful Windows 10 control tool so that the user can have complete control over his entire system and any settings through this Start Menu. apply in it.

Another unique feature of this Windows is Universal programs that can be installed on all operating systems of the Windows 10 family, such as Windows Mobile Phone 10 and Windows Embedded Systems 10, that is, programs written exclusively for Windows 10 can be easily installed. They are installed on other devices.

Graphics Windows 10 has also gone much higher, support for DirectX 12 and WDDM 2.0 brings a completely new and incredible experience to the arena. Play PC games, so that in the future we will see games with much stronger special effects than what we saw in Windows 8.1.

How to update in Windows 10 has changed in general; From now on, all updates will be done automatically Download and they are installed and it is no longer possible to prevent their installation, only the users of the Professional and Enterprise versions can postpone the download and installation of the provided updates for 4 or 8 months, depending on the type of update, but they cannot prevent its installation. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 updates will be much more and more extensive than Windows 8.1 and new updates may be provided at any moment. Also, sensitive and important security updates are automatically downloaded and installed as soon as they are released.

The Windows Media Center program has been completely removed in Windows 10 and is no longer supported, and all of its services have been replaced by newer services. Very old drivers are also removed from Windows 10, such as drivers for floppy disks and old USB drives; However, Microsoft has announced that it is possible to install old drivers manually.

But it can be said that the most special feature of Windows 10 for Farsi speakers is the full support of the solar Hijri calendar and the Persian language; In this version of Windows, Microsoft has finally added Hijri calendar support, and in this version of Windows, you can have a completely Persian and official calendar without installing any additional programs on the system, and other programs related to the Windows calendar can also directly interact with the calendar. work in Farsi

Introduction of Windows 10 AIO 16in1 package:
The collection in front of you includes all the released versions of Windows 10, presented in the form of a package. With 16 different versions of Windows 10, this package is the most complete package of Windows 10, which we will explain below.

– Versions in this package:
Available and installable versions in this package are:

– Windows 10 Home x86-x64
– Windows 10 Home N x86-x64
– Windows 10 Pro x86-x64
– Windows 10 Pro N x86-x64
– Windows 10 Home Single Language x86-x64
– Windows 10 Pro Education x86-x64
– Windows 10 Pro N Education x86-x64
– Windows 10 Pro for Workstations x86-x64
– Windows 10 Pro N for Workstations x86-x64
– Windows 10 Pro Single Language x86-x64
– Windows 10 Education x86-x64
– Windows 10 Education N x86-x64
– Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktops x86-x64
– Windows 10 Enterprise x86-x64
– Windows 10 Enterprise N x86-x64
– Windows 10 IoT Enterprise x86-x64

– You can choose the version you want during installation.
– If you are not familiar with the different features of Windows 10 versions, install the Windows 10 Professional version; You can also see the difference between different versions of Windows Here View it.
– Versions with the letter N written in front of them, versions without multimedia and our suggestion is not to install N versions.

Along with the latest Windows 10 updates
Windows was updated on November 1402 and includes all the updates released up to this date.

– Without the slightest manipulation:
This version of Windows is without any manipulation and nothing has been removed from Windows or added to it, but only all the updates have been added to it and also the appropriate activation tool has been placed.

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