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software downloadZara Web Designer Plus 23 / Xara Web Designer+

Many of you may be interested in building a website but have no knowledge in this field.
Xara Web Designer software. It is powerful in the field of easy web page design. This software does not require any programming and to build a website, it is enough to choose the template and sample and the size, color and Picture and select the text. Using this software, you can easily design the pages of your desired sites according to your desired programming and use them on your site. The possibility of direct changes on the pages, the possibility of synchronizing with the database, color coding for each programming system in order to easily identify codes or find errors, compatibility with CSS and HTML, optimizations made for faster and better display of images on the web. The site and… is one of the features of this software. This software is a product of Xara company.

Key features software Xara Web Designer:
– The ability to build a website
– Ability to build Graphics The web
– Ability to make flash
– Has design tools
– Support for different programming languages
– Design based on WYSIWYG that the user can see what he designs
– Ability to upload to the server
– The ability to use all objects on the web page
– The ability to create pop-up menus for images
– Ability to change color, text, Picture And … the format from the users
Compatible with all kinds of management systems
– Compatible with web browsers such as E 5.5, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
– Compatible with XHTML, CSS
– Import all kinds of graphic vectors, images and text such as PDF, RTF, RAW, PSD, TIFF and JPEG, PNG, GIF
– High quality as a result of working with this software

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