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The Blue Marble Geographic Calculator is a very useful tool for geographic coordinate conversion and geometrical challenge solving. This software is an essential tool for all geometrical subdivisions such as mapping , photogrammetry, hydrography, location, remote sensing, etc. But the program’s emphasis is on seismic science, energy exploration and mapping. In addition to precise point-to-point conversions and tools for converting different files to one another, it features special features for mapping with the DSL method, tools for performing seismic conversions, accurately calculating distance between points and areas of interest, and many other features. Is.

Geographic Calculator supports a wide variety of different files, including a large database of geometric information. GIS professionals are widely using this product because of its high accuracy in coordinate conversion, so the plugin is also available for other software such as ArcGis . This software has become one of the most comprehensive platforms in this field by providing complete tools in coordinate conversion. The program supports the latest version of Windows 10, and in the new version of the program on the same page a user-friendly interface, features and features of the new version. The datasource provided by this program is fully portable to Global Mapper software .

Features of Geographic Calculator:

  • Comprehensive platform for coordinating high-precision geographic data types
  • Ability to read and write coordinate systems and convert files from / to CTL files ( Petrel program )
  • Cloud access to a complete database of geometric information
  • Supports Windows 10 and optimizes the installation process
  • XML database for geometrical data
  • Ability to personalize and restrict file editing and access

System Requirements

Minimum System:

  • Intel Pentium 4 class processor or newer
  • Windows 11 or Windows 10
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Disk space sufficient for file processing
  • Windows Administrator permissions
    Installation Notes: the Geographic Calculator installation process will add the ‘Everyone’ group with full permissions to the Blue Marble Geographics folder in Program Data. This will allow the reading and writing of settings files and workspaces.
    To reduce permissions issues, the application should be installed by a user with administrator level permission.


Geographic Calculator screenshot

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