Tekla Structures 2023 SP7 + Environments

Tekla Structures, formerly called Xsteel, is Trimble’s powerful BIM software (acronym for Building Information Modeling) for Civil Engineers, Contractors. This software provides users with an environment where they can draw 3D models and extract two-dimensional maps. The models built by this software provide the precise and reliable information needed to build a proper building information system. With this software you will experience a much smoother workflow in your company. Tekla Structures is compatible with all materials and can be used to build the most sophisticated buildings; you define the limitations of this software.

Users use Tekla Structures to build stadiums, oil rigs, power plants and factories, residential buildings, bridges and towers. You can apply any material to a building using the Tekla Structure or even use several materials for a building. The software can analyze the project with various analyzes. It can also exchange files with A&D in well-known formats such as SDNF, CIS / 2, IFC. The benefits of linking to A&D include coordinating and simulating models, maps and reports, and optimizing change management so engineers and designers can work on the same project at the same time.

Tekla Structures has over 30 different work environments and supports 14 different languages ​​that make it possible to use software for all parts of the world.

Features and Features of Tekla Structures Software:

– Using a solver, different settings and environments: Tekla Structures is a solver software that can be customized to suit different user needs.

Open Source for Building Information Systems: While Tekla Structures has an open approach to BIM, you can use other companies’ solutions and improve them at Tekla. It is easily possible to extend and improve Tekla’s business with TeklaOpenAPI.

– Compatible with other software for OpenIBMApproach

– Modeling all materials

– Manage the largest and most complex buildings

– Build precise and customizable models

– Transfer information from design and details to the construction site

– Drawing and simulation of various structures

– Support for DWG and DGN formats

– Integration with various building management software and communication with project management programs for a smoother workflow

System Requirements

See the software and hardware requirements here .


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