MX Player romantic series Pawan & Pooja

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Pawan and Pooja web Series is the new sentimental and dramatization arrangement from MX Player. Here, watch the official trailer of the Pawana and Pooja web Series .


As per MX Player wrote, “Love, throughout the years, has been characterized as a feeling that draws out the best in individuals, the very idea of the individual you love will carry a grin to your face, butterflies in your stomach and moment aching to be near them. However, is that all it is? An upbeat feeling? Rather than being genuine, unbreakable, and irrefutable – at times, love flops just to be renewed once more, it breaks bonds to produce new ones, and it devastates lives yet at the same time brings trust! This relationship show investigates the lives of 3 couples – all fortuitously named Pawan and Pooja, who at various phases of their lives find that their affection is in reality restrictive, fragile, and faulty.”

We have heard many romantic tales in books in films that end with bliss for all eternity. In any case, does it occur?

We know that in a real-life love story, the story does not always end happily; sometimes, the story ends with pain. Some such story is shown in this series of MX Player.

Pawan & Pooja series cast

MX Player’s Pawan and Pooja web series story spins around three couples, all incidentally named Pawan and Pooja, who, at various phases of their lives, understand that their adoration is in reality constrained, weak and hazardous.

In 3 couples, 60’s couple-Pawan and Pooja Kalra (Deepti Naval and Mahesh Manjrekar), 40’s couple-Pawan (Sharman Joshi) and Pooja Mehra (Gul Panag), and 20’s couple-Pawan Srivastav (Taaruk Raina) and Pooja Maheshwari (Natasha Bharadwaj)

Every one of the three couples have their issues, which are making good ways from one another.

These muddled connections and their significantly progressively entangled estimations are totally energized in the arrangement that investigates the complexities of a heart that associates every one of us: love.

Pawan & Pooja web series scene

Table of Contents


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Release Date

The serries announced on 4 February 2020 with the poster. On 5 February, MX Player released the official trailer of the series on YouTube.

MX Player’s Pawan & Pooja web series premiere on Valentine Day 14 February 2020 on MX Player.

MX Player Pawan & Pooja series


It’s ten episodes web series, and you can watch all the episodes on MX Player without any cost.


The series starring Deepti Naval, Mahesh Manjrekar, Sharman Joshi, Gul Panag, Taaruk Raina, and Natasha Bharadwaj in the lead role.


The series created by Siddharth P Malhotra and Shaad Ali and directed by Shaad Ali and Ajay Bhuyan.Also watch Netflix romantic series ‘Taj Mahal 1989’

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