Download Sandboxie Classic v5.67.2 + Plus v1.12.2 x86/x64

Download Sandboxie Classic v5.67.2 + Plus v1.12.2 x86/x64

Sandboxie software It is powerful in protecting web browsers. If we want to prevent the penetration of malware or malicious scripts into the system, or if suspicious activities take place in an isolated environment, we use Sandboxie software. For example, we may suspect a software keygen. By running in the Sandboxie environment with a high reliability factor, we can prevent malicious changes in the system. Also, in the case of connecting to many sites, malicious changes are made by the Sandboxie security cover. In the system, it is limited to the same Sandboxie environment. In fact, Sandboxie software quarantines information for you. After installation, you can enter any program you want to run into the quarantine environment before running, so that access to your other information is blocked. Internet Take a tour.

Key features software Sandboxie:
– Ability to protect web browsers
– Security of web browsers
– Security email
– Preventing malware and viruses from entering the system

What is the difference between Classic and Plus version?
Sandboxie Plus It may not offer more features than the original Sandboxie, but its interface is much more user-friendly.

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