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Genre: Corporate Drama
Cast: Mandira Bedi, Naveen Kasturi, Shravan Reddy, Satyadeep Misra, Vasuki Sunkavalli, Jayashree Venketaramanan, Shraddha Musale Anindita Bose, Paul Varghese
Director: N Padmakumar
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 24 May 2019
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As per the Thinkistan web series captioned, “Thinkistan takes us back to the glamorous world of Indian advertising in the mid ’90s. Big personalities, short skirts, seductive women, infectious workplaces and glitz of show business. But it chronicles something important — the rise of the small town in India — when Hindi copywriters finally arrived in the English world of advertising. The show’s core conflict is a battle between two friends, small-towner Amit, and city slicker Hema, two young copywriters who join Mumbai’s hottest ad agency MTMC. While Hema gets exactly all the attention with his poetry and English-speaking skills, Amit struggles to get credit for his small-town Hindi-rooted ideas. Can their friendship survive the dirty business of advertising? Who will triumph in the battle of Thinkistan?”

Thinkistan web series is a corporate drama series which is set in the Mumbai of the 90s.

The story revolves around an advertising agency named MTMC agency. The agency goes through a series of struggles of North vs South, Hindi vs English and more dramas.

Thinkistan web series scene

MTMC is the top-rated advertising agency and it is going through a crisis of sorts.

Thinkistan web series shows how the lives of employs working for an advertising agency get involved up while they are left to intensity and power.



We do not know much about the functioning and changes within the advertising world, and this series highlights those things. The series also touches issues that plagued the advertising scene of that era.

The show also affects the level of the sex-fuel milieu in the advertising world of the nineties. The narrative is compelling and enjoyable.

Writing is the star of the show and commands the audience with its thrilling twist or turn. But the story seems autobiographical in parts.

Mandira Bedi in Thinkistan


After the story, the series is made enjoyable by performing the entire cast. The performance of all the actors allows the audience to sit and watch and understand the differences between the characters and them.

Shravan Reddy has charmingly given his best performance as Hema, while the naturally pure Naveen Kasturia as Amit Langar shows some spectacular natural performances.

Mandira Bedi is excellent as a boss. Vasuki Sunkavalli leaves an impression. Jayashree Venkataramanan is fine.

Shraddha Mussle, Medha, Anindita Bose, Paul Varghese, Ninad, Jaswant Singh, and Rashmi Somvanshi gave valuable support.

Thinkistan series scene


Director Padmakumar Narasimhamurthy gives proper credit to the story set in the advertising world of the nineties, but it seems to lack the vital sweep. He draws the conclusions required for this, but in the end, it is not beneficial.

Should you watch it or not?

The Thinkistan web series is attractive; it makes you bored too. I will not say Thinkistan very well, but it can be seen once.

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