Typora Direct Download Link 1.7.5 Win/macOS

Typora is a simple yet powerful tool for typing and formatting texts. The ability to convert text content to Html and markup languages ​​and display changes live and quickly without the need for any additional programs is another feature of this application. This program is a professional and modern editor, it is possible to use a variety of widely used tools such as images, footnotes, lines, tables, math and code blocks, text blocks, links, and the ability to save projects in common formats for its users. Has provided. It also requires the ability to use themes and fully customize the work environment to avoid strain on the eyes. All in all, the professional and popular Typora editor will eliminate the need for any similar tools.

Typora Features:

  • Functional editor with live preview
  • Writing, editing, formatting and converting text to HTML and markup languages
  • Simple and easy text formatting by floating menus
  • The ability to easily create lists, tables, text input, mathematical blocks, links, etc. Possibility of project export in HTML and PDF, Word, OpenOffice, Epub, LaTex format
  • It has several useful themes suitable for different conditions and work environments
  • It has a simple and functional work environment

System Requirements 

  • Windows 11 , 10 , 8, 8.1 , 7 64-Bit





In order to use some of the additional & advanced features of Typora, it is necessary to install the Pandoc program, which can be downloaded from this link. You can read more about this subject here.

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