Mirzapur 2 Shweta Tripathi has No make-up

Actress Shweta Tripathi has impressed many with the new look of much awaited web series “Mirzapur 2”. She now has opened up about what all went into her “zero make-up look”. Shweta, who reprises his role as Golu, seen sporting short hair and pointed a gun at someone in the latest photos from the series. “I have zero make-up look for the show. I would walk to shoot with some sunscreen and that’s it,” said Shweta.

” ‘Mirzapur’ is a long-term commitment a few months. So initially we discussed going to the hair looks short but then I think of a hair-do and how it does not fit with my other work. I have to be in that search for months at a stretch . I reject the idea of ​​putting on a wig for shooting in Benares in the sun will be anything but fun. So we thought about this for a long time when the teacher (director) who said let’s do it, “she shared.

He is one actor who believes the director and or vision. “Although the hair, makeup and styling team is the same from last season, to see my character took a departure from how we see it before. It was cut unevenly matched into a world that was it. So during that time, to show me I do not will have the best hair day but then ‘Mirzapur’ ke liye Kuch bhi (anything for ‘Mirzapur’), ​​”he said.

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This is the kind of character that he could go to any length.

“That’s how invested we are in it as a team. In ‘Gone Kesh‘, I was so excited about going bald. If the characters look different, feel different. Views character is important because it helps me get a better sense of the people I play,” said Shweta.

“I did not play the role of Shweta but as the character of it. Also, I realized that I chose a different appearance than all the other characters I’ve played in the past,” he added.Also watch Prime Video 14 New Webseries in 2020

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